Mr and Mrs Shane Clary Mr and Mrs Shane Clary 204856990 204856992 204856993 204856994 204856995 204856997 204856996 Guest Table Flowers by Anna Burnette Riddle Pumpkins by Bride and Groom 204857001 Bride and Grooms Table Rotated and it still came out sideways. 204857044 Wedding Cake By Heather Watlington of Cakes Plus 204857046 204857002 204857004 204857005 204857006 204857007 204857008 204857010 204857011 The aisle The Aisle was lined with huge mums and photos from the past her's and his's. 204857012 204857013 204857014 204857015 204857016 204857018 204857019 204857020 204857021 204857022 204857023 The Archway The top of this archway is over 100 years old. It came from Shane's Family's side. In was in a house that a great grandparent had if I am not wrong. 204857024 THE ARCHWAY This was a very heavy and beautiful archway. Wood over 100 years old. 204857025 204857026 Brittni Wyda and Shane Clary I hate I put this beautiful picture last. But I am sure they thank you for viewing their wedding. I would like to give them credit for planning the perfect wedding and waiting so long for it to take place. I do not know who was more excited ME or THEM. They are wonderful people with a great attitude. 204856991