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Rates for Axton Lodge, "The Pines"

Our rates vary depending on the type of event, how many guests and what is required of Axton Lodge as far as setting up and cleaning up.  We also have workers who can set up and work your reception as well as clean up afterwards.  This is especially good where you are doing your own catering and are not sure who will be getting your food warmed and on trays, hot or cold. Keep the food coming out, picking up and bussing tables as well as cutting your cake. 

The rental offers you not only the venue but the option to use our tables, chairs, linens, chair covers and sashes, dinnerware, (Glass and silver) center pieces, vases and mason jars, bling, and many more items to numerous to mention.  They are all on the property for your use at no additional charge.  The outdoors comes with beautiful flowers, water fall, archways. We have stumps, lanterns, other archways, etc for your use. Getting them out and returning them afterwards will be up to you or your party unless you would like to pay our other help. This should be discussed at the time of booking or at least 3 weeks prior when the final balance is paid.

We get 1/3 down as a deposit which is NON-REFUNDABLE; On weddings over a year away, there is a $500 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to hold your date. The rest of the 1/3 deposit is due in January of the year you are planning your wedding. The remaining balance is due no later than 3 weeks prior to your wedding.  We do offer installments if you would like to pay as you go along. 


Packages for Weddings and Receptions




This package allows you to come in as early as you would like on Saturday morning to decorate and set up. You will have THE LODGE all day on Saturday and are able to come back on Sunday morning to clean. Check-out time is 12:00 noon.



1 day only $1800 Saturday Friday $1200

1 Day only with rehearsal and decorating the morning of the wedding. No Friday Set-Up You may come in as early as you would like Saturday and back Sunday morning to clean.

Checkout is 12:00 noon.



This package allows you to come in on Thursday evening to set up and decorate as well as Friday. You are welcome to hold your after rehearsal if you would like. The wedding and reception on Saturday and check-out time is 12:00 noon on Sunday.

All packages for both The Lodge and the Hayloft include all amenities that we have here at Axton Lodge THE PINES for your use with no additional charge.

We have chairs, tables, chair covers, ties, linens, table runners and overlays in many colors that are provided for you according to the number of guests that you are planning on having.

If you require a lot more than originally planned on then there will be a small linen laundry fee.

Both reception rooms are already decorated with lightening and floating sheers from the ceilings and poles.

We also have collected many decorating items of over the years and you are welcome to use anything from our storage room that fits your décor

Packages for Weddings and Receptions

The Hayloft


RECEPTION ONLY Saturday $2000 Friday $1700

It will be clean and ready for you and your party to come in the day before and set up and decorate. You will have it the entire day of your event and check-out on Sunday at 12:00 noon.

This is allowing room for an indoor dance floor.



The facility will be ready for you as early as Thursday. You are welcome to use the outside grounds for your wedding. In the event of rain you can move the wedding inside to the bottom of THE HAYLOFT.

Check-out time is 12:00 on Sunday



ENTIRE GROUNDS (up to 250 people) $3,600

This package includes Wednesday-Sunday. This option gives you complete use of the premises for your event, THE HALOFT, THE LODGE and the grounds. Wednesday and Thursday are primarily used for setting up tables, chairs, linens etc. Friday is typically dedicated to last minute decorating and your Wedding Rehearsal/ Dinner. Saturday is “The Big Day” and we want you to relax and enjoy every minute of it! We allow you all day Sunday to take down your decorations and clean any trash or debris left on the premises.

The rental price does not include us setting up anything (chairs, tables, etc.) or cleaning up afterwards.  All inside items must be returned to the inside.  Dishes must be washed.  Floors swept.   We will be more than happy to show you, your caterer or florist where to find everything they need and where it will need to be left upon check-out. You will be provided with a check-out checklist.

If you would like to leave after your wedding and let someone else do all of the work, we do offer a crew for this for an additional charge. This charge will be determined by which facility you are using and how many guests


The rental price does not include us setting up anything (chairs, tables, etc.) or cleaning up afterwards.  You will be given a check-out list at the time you book your wedding and there will also be one posted in each facility.

At least one month prior to your wedding we will comprise a list of items that you would like to use for your wedding. This will guarantee that on the day you are decorating you will have everything you need including your linens.

You may choose for us to set up your tables (as you wish) with linens, runners, centerpieces, etc. for an additional fee.

If you choose to do it yourselves you must come out on Wednesday to arrange your tables as you wish, picking up tables and chairs to not scratch the floors. When you return on Thursday you can expect to have all of your table linens etc. there and ready for you to start setting up.

Offsite catering is allowed. We will have a preferred vendors list but you are able to choose anyone that you would like. Most caterers bring in their own chafing dishes etc. If they would like to use ours they are more than welcome but it is the lessee’s responsibility to have those out and ready for the event as well as purchase the sterno.

There is a $300 cleaning and property damage deposit to be paid NO LATER THAN THE DAY THAT THE BALANCE IS PAID IN FULL!!! The property will be inspected on Monday and you should have your deposit back by the following Wednesday. As long as you follow the check-out sheet you should receive your deposit back in full. The deposit can be made in the form of a charge to your credit card and refunded or cash. NO checks will be accepted and held for this!!

While all rates above reflect heating and air conditioning of THE LODGE, we would like to point out, that we can heat and add more heaters to our central heat, heat rises; BUT, we can only cool to about 20 degrees below the outdoor temperature, no matter how many air conditioners we add.  Part of the beauty of The Lodge is the open and high roof and beams.  You may want to take the time of year in consideration when planning your wedding and booking your date.  The downstairs stays very cool as cold air goes down.  We do have central heat and air in THE LODGE only

At this time THE HAYLOFT does not have central heating and air.  We have many types of fans, both ceiling, floor and roof.  If you plan to use it during the summer consider making your wedding and reception later in the day, like 6 or 7 pm.   

ABC License

ABC License is not required if you are not supplying alcohol or there is to be none present on the premises  
 You must have an ABC License if you are having a non-profit function to raise money for Charity, alcohol may be sold. This license allows you to buy from distributors, sell to your guest. 
The ABC Board Now Requires that any function serving alochol obtain a license.  All weddings, receptions, birthday parties, anniversary dinners, bastumos. Fista De Cumpleanos, where alochol is to be served must have this license and make it present to us prior to their event.  You may go to VA ABC to apply. Many times, if you need more than one keg this is the most economical way to go. You may not sell alcohol at these functions.

Distributors will bring it out on Friday, Ice it down in their big coolers on wheels, with bar taps and pick it back up on Monday. There are approx. 265 - 8 oz cups in a keg. You may also buy wines as well as other items from them.

We ask that no one drive out of her intoxicated, it will be fine to catch a ride, leave your car and come back the next day to get it. 

  Last but Most Important Insurance a Must...

Liability insurance must be provided in the amount of $1 million dollars per occurrence and $1 Million dollars aggregate with Axton Lodge, “The Pines” named as additional insured on the policy

 This is also known as event insurance.  I have listed 2 links on this site under LINKS that are very reasonable


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